B Seventy

Upon entrance, carefully selected signature furniture piece becomes the protagonist of this residence in Ahmedabad. Ivory marble flooring is used for shared spaces and wooden flooring for private areas. Selective walls are clad with variations of light and dark wood. There is a play of light and dark by the virtue of materials selected, that creates a welcome contrast in the home. A hint of rose gold in the metal finish furniture elevates the house.

The foyer leads to an open-plan space incorporating the living area, drawing area and a dining space. This drawing area connects to the balcony having neutral colored surfaces along with wooden flooring to create the ideal background for urban views. In these open spaces, neutral tones and the absence of sharp contrasts provide an atmosphere of serenity.

The concept of the design was to reflect the brand image in the interiors and to have a connection between the space and the jewelry. The intricate details of the ornament are emulated in the furniture, color palette and selected materials. The color scheme and materials are chosen such as the space does not overpower the products, also inducing a calm environment for the clientele. All elements together execute an environment that inhabits the vision of Sangita Jewellers brand.